The best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Tenerife

Vegetarian Restaurants in Tenerife

Walk into a traditional restaurant, bar or guachinche in Tenerife and ask what they have for vegetarians or vegans and you’ll be handed a bowl of papas arrugadas (boiled new potatoes) and mojo sauce with a side of bread.


Meat and fish are at the center of the Canary diet. They find their way into everything, even the seemingly meat-free dishes like chickpea and lentil stews.


As a vegetarian and vegan visiting Tenerife, you’re going to have to scratch beneath the surface to find a restaurant where you can order anything off the menu.


Luckily, there has been an influx of excellent vegetarian restaurants in Tenerife in recent years. I have made it my mission to try each and every one of them – any excuse!


These are my absolute favourite vegetarian restaurants in Tenerife. Buen provecho.

Samelo Veg in Abades

Samelo Veg in Abades Tenerife
Vegan mozzarella, grilled vegetables and pesto | © Samelo Veg in Abades Tenerife

This is number one on my list because its just divine! Everything about this restaurant oozes love and happiness.


Samelo Veg is run by an Italian couple who put their heart and soul into what they do and you can really feel and taste it.


First off, it’s totally vegan and absolutely everything is lovingly homemade.


Fresh vegan cheese, artisan filled pasta, blueberry cheesecake, Spanish tortilla made with chickpea flour that tastes just like the original.


The drinks menu is pretty special too, with organic artisan IPAs, organic and biodynamic wine, smoothies, homemade kefir water, and flavoured kombucha.


Not to be missed during your stay on Tenerife. Booking essential.


Samelo Veg in AbadesAv. Cantera del Sol, 38588 Abades

Tasca La Tata

Tasca la Tata

This charming little tasca hidden away in El Toscal, a residential area of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, isn’t officially a vegetarian or vegan restaurant but it will knock your socks off.


It’s all about the salads here and I’m not just talking about a bit of lettuce and a few cherry tomatoes. Abundant fresh salads with added protein (nuts or Seiten), crunchy toppings and delicious homemade dressings.


The cuteness of this place is adorable with its brightly painted shutter doors and hanging plants that invite you into the homely dining room with lovely music, and warm and friendly service.


Every time I have eaten there I have left smiling and very full thanks to the generous service and portion sizes.


Tasca la Tata, Calle Arquitecto Marrero Regalado, 638001 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Burger Mel

Vegan Burger at Burger Mel
Vegan Burger | © Burger Mel

It’s fair to call this place a Tenerife vegan institution. Burger Mel has been flipping the best vegan burgers in Tenerife since the 1980s.


More of a vegan fast food place than a restaurant, you can’t go wrong with a Burger Mel if you’re in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and need a quick fix to keep you going.


The burgers are served with homemade vegan mayonnaise and shredded white cabbage as standard and you choose your combination. They offer some interesting ones, like the Canaria with watercress and avocado or the Cubana with fried banana. I always ask for extra Sriracha hot sauce.


If you’re trying to eat fewer soy products go for the lentil burger, it’s delicious.


Wash it down with a freshly pressed juice or a cold bottle of beer. Mmm.


Burger Mel I, Calle La Marina nº 71, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Burger Mel II, Calle Horacio Nelson nº 31, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Burger Mel III, Calle Benavides nº 32, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

La Verdulería

La Verdulería
Gyozas | © La Verdulería

This kitsch and kooky restaurant is a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds with a fresh and vibrant design that brings a smile to my face.


The food is as colourful as the decor with an exotic international twist with vegetarian and vegan dishes inspired by Thai, Indian, Mexican and Moroccan cuisine.


Their website states that they’re an ovo-lacto-vegetarian restaurant, meaning they use milk-based products and eggs. However, there are options for vegans, celiacs, and lactose intolerant on the clearly labeled menu of seasonal and km zero dishes.


The sound of the mushroom ceviche on their menu has got me grabbing the phone to make a reservation for tomorrow night.


It’s a pet-friendly restaurant, so you can coo at the cute furry tailed dogs snuggling up to their owner’s feet under the tables.


La Verdulería, Calle de Santiago, 4, 38002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Veggie Penguin

Veggie Penguin
Vegan sharing platter | © Veggie Penguin

Veggie Penguin offers healthy, seasonal vegan food in a lovely easy-going restaurant in La Laguna old town.


Enjoy European, Spanish and Canary classic with a vegan twist, always fresh and always delicious.


They also run cooking classes for adults and children where you can learn to make the dishes they serve.


Veggie Penguin, Calle Quintín Benito, 25, 38206 San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Share your favourite vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Tenerife with me in the comment section below!


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